Catman Cohen


In 2005, Catman Cohen shattered a glass ceiling within the music industry.

He became one of the first binary artists to record duets (“My Vegas Pussy” and “Dancing With Mr. Daddy”) with a black transgender vocalist, Simonne Simmons.

Back then, he received much criticism, not merely from heterosexual associates, but even from various lesbians/gays who felt transgender artists cast a stigma upon their community and its ongoing struggle to gain mainstream acceptance.

Once questioned about his controversial decision, Cohen responded, “I felt adamant about having Simmons participate no matter who might be offended.  The vocals are unique and compelling…a fascinating cross between Patti Labelle and Terence Trent D’Arby…unlike anything I ever heard before.  So the decision was predicated entirely upon merit, not identity politics, because I’ve always believed that merit should be the chief factor in artistic choices."

Catman Cohen featured, “Prayer for America,” as an urgent plea to resurrect neglected heroes within society in order to supplant the vacuous icons of the day.

In doing so, he placed particular focus upon the nursing shortages, particularly within critical areas such as hospital burn units.

After an ER doctor warned Cohen that an unexpected explosion within Los Angeles might result in suffering thousands being unable to get adequate treatment for their burns, Cohen determined he must write the song and address the issue, ASAP.

In 2022, YouTube permanently banned the Catman Cohen music video, “Prayer for America,” claiming its content is unacceptably obscene.  

Ironically, that same music video sat undisturbed upon YouTube for the previous 14 years, amassing approx. 40,000 views and many heated reactions.

The video can be viewed today upon Vimeo at:

Catman Cohen’s song, “Water is Blood,” raised alarming concerns about ongoing efforts of powerful private interests to secure rights to most of the fresh water across the entire planet.

After hearing the song, a friend within the music industry warned Cohen against releasing it.

The music veteran felt that, inevitably, “Water is Blood”  would inspire its influential targets to ensure both Cohen and his song never gained any popular attention.

Ranker recently included Catman Cohen within a list of "The Best Political Musicians."
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